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The very word evokes feelings and images of wealth, luxury, and exotic places.

Prized by ancient Indian and Kashmir royalty, the ancient Romans, and European royalty including Napoleon III and his empress Eugenie, cashmere is, and always has been, the gold-standard fibre for fabric production for centuries, and it is considered the most luxurious natural fibre in the world.

Cashmere is, contrary to popular opinion, not wool, but a superior quality yarn which is derived from the soft, insulating undercoat of the Cashmere Goats which are native to the Gobi Desert in Mongolia. This unique yarn is fine yet strong, lightweight, and soft. There is no warmer yet lighter fabric available in the world today.

At Lilly Cashmere, we are very proud to offer cashmere cardigans Australia-wide of the finest quality. All of our merchandise is made from cashmere yarn sourced and spun in Mongolia, and our knitwear is handcrafted to the highest quality in Kathmandu, Nepal. Local Nepalese women are paid well for their skills and services, and all of our products are comprehensively inspected for premium quality workmanship before they are shipped to Australia for sale.

We also offer some styles in fine Merino wool sourced from New Zealand, and high quality, soft cotton for ultimate breathability.

We offer a collection of elegant and classy designs including the following:

You will find no higher quality authentic women’s cashmere sweaters online.

Whatever your age, taste, and personal style, we know you will be delighted by our ever expanding collection of beautiful knitwear which is second to none - the finest cardigans Australia-wide in style and quality, and wonderfully affordable prices.


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